David Rooks' black and white photographs were shown at Platform in September alongside Bridget Radomski's large photographic portraits. David's work documents his scale models of people and landscapes at night with bolts of light that bring to mind alien visitation and otherworldly scenes. Entitled 'Things Will Never Be The Same' the works were boldly contrasted by Bridget's quiet but emotional portraits of people alone with their thoughts in a world that doesn't seem to care.


Grace McQuilten's large-scale photographs, presented at Majorca Building during September, are based on a Japanese story of a young girl who was ill and set out to make 1000 paper origami cranes. When the girl died before completing the cranes, her village came together to finish the project in honour of her short life. Grace adopted the origami action when her mother became ill with cancer and made 1000 cranes made from prints of human skin. She then layered photographs of her cranes with imagery that explores the invasive nature of the medical gaze.


Stripping consumerism back to reveal the emptyness within, Ash Keating continues to deconstruct everyday reality, be it free newspapers or vinyl advertising thinly disguised as art. Ash's work is magpie-meticulous and obsessive having used newspapers a number of times in previous exhibitions, creating sculptures and wallpaper from thousands of identical layered images. The Platform work was an intervention of free MX newspapers that were diverted last year and shown on the same days 12 months later to demonstrate the environmental and mental waste generated via commuters in a 5-day period.