Susannah Douglas' lifesize drawings are currently on display at the Majorca Building Cabinets, another art space run by Platform Artists Group Inc. Susannah deftly uses graphite to produce her massive portraits on single sheets of paper, and she has a particular skill in capturing the textures and drapes of fabric. Check out these stunning drawings out at the Majorca Building, Centre Place (off Flinders Lane) until the end of October.


Emma Kuetgens-Fitzpatrick's popular Snack Bar art space has finally found a new home at Sticky, our artist and zine shop in the Degraves Subway. Snack Bars are old vending machines that Emma fills with small handmade packages of artwork by local and interstate artists. At $2 a pop, Snack Bar is a steal and the launch party alongside The Chocolate Revolution saw some punters even fighting over the last of the sexy boy brooches and sterling silver flat pins. To get your own bitesize piece of Snack Bar art visit Sticky (Wed-Fri 12-6pm) at Shop 10 Campbell Arcade (Degraves Subway) Melbourne.


Sydney artist Benedict Ernst opened his solo show, The Chocolate Revolution, at Platform last Friday 20 October where we gave away chocolate infused vodka and choc bullets. His large format paintings adopt a street art style with references to political propaganda posters and corporate branding, while his sculptures of molatov cocktails, that seem to be made from solid chocolate, are embedded in cardboard cutout placeholders. The entire suite of works is pulled together under his Chocolate Revolution Manifesto which is currently available at Sticky.


Susie Hansen's recent Platform solo show during September-October was an extensive body of work presented as part of her Master of Fine Art at the VCA. Made up of hundreds of small ceramic sculptures, Susie's subjects included trees, fruit, buildings, people, mirrors and scale model replicas of famous public art works. Susie and her sister even sang for us at the opening in the subway as part of her welcome celebration and critique of public art.