Peter O'Connor's recent collection of lithographs have passed through Majorca for a one month show during November, revealing some of the hidden guests to visit the inner city alley hub of Centre Place. Peter's visual interest lies with animals and other organic forms that inhabit cities despite all odds of survival. The two lithograph editions to appear at Majorca have featured birds and bats and other lifeforms that hide in our concrete jungle that they call home.


Wollongong artist Lauren Brown has just closed her Entropy show at Platform. Some considered the work to be a feminist blood bath while others thought it was a bleeding city, yet according to Lauren, the installation had nothing to do with blood, apart from a passing visual association. Made from boiled, red, cornflour syrup, Entropy explored the physics of time and decay through the impact of light and heat. The repainted walls slowly peeled away leaving shaven walls and peeled skins piling up in the cabinets. Lauren Brown runs her She Sees Red Blog and is also the Communications Manager for NAVA.