Flying through town on her way to Cambodia, live action painter Kellie O'Dempsey returned to Melbourne for a one week show at Platform launching 22 February. Taking the debut spot in Vitrine (our new cabinet space) Kellie produced more than 15 paintings in a space of an hour while her performers (Elyjah McLeod and Madame ZuZu) danced and sung accompanied by a violinist and a piano accordianist. The entire night involved much laughter and song and wine all of which was thouroughly entertaining for the commuters on their way home and ensuring the start of a very big night for us!


Melbourne artist Phoebe Kalaitzis installed an enormous solo show on 12 February featuring a suite of works in her signature geometric style using tape and paint across any and all available surfaces. Phoebe presented more than 50 new works in dominant blacks and flouros on metal, glass, plastic and wood, amongst other materials. The suite was integrated into the space perfectly after Phoebe painted the cabinet interiors and continued the tape-based elements out from her pieces onto the glass, wall tiles and eventually across the ground, referencing the geometry and spatial dynamics of the subway.