Despite censorship laws about public art works, painter Sylvia Jeffries has managed to flash parts of her latest series, Return to Boulimos, at the Majorca Building cabinets unscathed during March. The works are part of a larger fantasy series that show scenes from Sylvia's personalised world of physical bodies, fluids, excrements and anatomical forms, as well as the strange characters, like the Duchess of Pork, who appear in starring roles. Finely detailed, occasionally disturbing and extremely fresh, Sylvia's work is among our personal favourites to appear at Platform.


Katy Bowman's Dead Men's Clothes has been a hit show as part of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program. Featuring 15 cabinets of deceased estate clothes and objects remade into individual art works, the morbid-sounding work is actually presented as a celebration of life and a reminder that little remains of us once we shuffle off our mortal coils. On until March 30. If you miss this show don't fret, we've convinced Katy to stay with us one more month to produce a new installation at Vitrine for April.


Frankston artist Jessye Wdowin-McGregor has appeared in March as our debut Sample artist. The Sample window (formerly one of the main Platform cabinets) has been set aside to showcase younger artists (15-25). Jessye's large photomedia print on canvas presents a split image made up of a large suburban dream home pool offset with shadow play that offers a glimpse into a past childhood or dream. Applications for late 2007 and early 2008 Sample shows are still open.


Naomi Tettmann's latest creation has appeared in Vitrine, the new Platform window space, during March to coincide with the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Naomi's couture dress features hundreds of gold threads that she has hand loop-stitched through the bodice which is backed with a feathered bustle. The piece has been suspended horizontally in Vitrine – breaking the convention of fashion presentation and giving a distinct lightness to the installation.


Anita King's curated fashion parade and part of the L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Collections in the Underground launched last Saturday 3 March. It was our biggest audience since we took over Platform last year. Hundreds of fashionistas (and quite a few spunks) crammed into the subway following a humid 36 degree day that, along with the floor parade lights, turned the subway into an underground sauna! Despite the heat and sweat and lack of much-needed fans, our dedicated models flashed off new ranges from local independent fashion labels Queen, a name is a label, and Bird Girl. Big thanks to our tech crew including Dan (lighting), DC (video) and Luke (music). A collection of images by Jeanna Bajic (including the one featured here) will be showcased in a new exhibition currently being planned.