A major group show at Platform as part of the Making Space program, Shrine On! is curated by Poloni and Borrelle, and features artists who have an established practice as part of artist-run initiatives in Melbourne. Artists to feature in this show include: Anna-Maria O’Keeffe, Kit Wise, Amanda Schembri, Louise Harper, Matthew Shannon, Lou Hubbard, Warren Fithie, Jacques Soddell, Ruth Johnstone, Spiros Panigirakis, Rachael Hooper, Din Heagney, Anita King, Luke Sinclair and Andrew Seward. On show until the 4 May, Shrine On! will be launching as part of the Making Space event and publication launch at Platform from 6-8pm on Friday 27 April.


Melbourne photographer Sonya Nagels has installed a new series of portraits at Majorca Building (on the corner of Centre Place and Flinders Lane). The series of six works feature portraits of her friends taken at twilight in the same location. Entitled We're Not That Young Anymore Sonya has brought the series together by wallpapering the three glass cases. On until the end of April.


Katy Bowman has extended her time with us at Platform, producing an intense colourful installation in the Vitrine space (opposite the barber) in the Degraves subway. Katy's work consists of an orange curtain backdrop with an LED tube sign saying Aha! next to a gold gilt mirror that shows a reverse message. Katy has covered the floor in furry faux grass and highlighted the entire space with stage lights. On until the end of April.


Rachel Ang, an undergraduate fine art student at the VCA, is our second SAMPLE artist for the year. Rachel's installation features a handmade doll's house veiled behind a transparent curtain onto which Rachel has stictched the words My Space as a realtime reference to personal space often defined in cyber terms. On show in the single cabinet space (next to the coffee kiosk) in the Degraves subway until the end of April.