Christina Hayes' ambitious IN HOUSE group show of solo paintings installed in customised interiors was one of our biggest shows to date. Consisting of 15 individually constructed sets, a laborious collaborative process was designed by Christina, a painter and curator, with her sister Esther and a group of talented production design graduates from the VCA. The highly detailed installations created to house Christina's thematic portraits crossed both cultural and temporal boundaries. Read The Program story here and visit the In House website.


May saw the second appearance by Rachel Ang in the Sample window as a collaboration with fellow artist Mischa Baka. The duo expanded on some of the ideas presented in Rachel's first dollhouse piece in April, devling into notions of feminine and masculine space and the Australian psyche. The mixed media installation presented a darkened landspace of forest, garden and little house, inhabited by a doll with illuminated hands who moved around the space over the course of the month.


Anjelka Bazdaric's wild text-based performance in May saw the lights surrounding our Vitrine site in the subway plunged into darkness while the flashes from cameras outside lit up the scene inside. Anjelka – who works in painting, written and spoken word – covered the four by two metre glass windows in handwritten poetry and protest, industrial sounds pumped out from inside the space where a lifesize box jellyfish thrashed dangerously in the corner. A truly underground performance that drew complaints from shopkeepers and our hearty applause!


Melbourne painter Kate Gilbert employed an art povera style of presentation for her latest series of studio works. Showing around 50 small sketches and paintings at our Majorca site, Kate decided to tear up her sketchbooks and show the work in the glass cabinets on Centre Place in an organic transition from studio to gallery.


The launch of Making Space was a massive hit with hundreds of people rocking down to the subway on the evening of Friday 27 April. The night was officially opened with speeches from the Senator George Brandis, federal minister for the arts; Penny Hutchinson, director of Arts Victoria; and Zara Stanhope, senior curator of Heide Museum of Modern Art. There are many people to thank for helping Making Space launch so smoothly: Simon Maidment (director of West Space), Brett Jones (founder of VIA-n), Stuart Koop and Lainie Kluska (from Arts Victoria), Elyjah McLeod (event coordinator), Tim (our guest DJ from Wax Museum), plus our many volunteers who helped the night. Check out the ThreeThousand story and pics of some hot kids from the launch.