Platform's main show for September featured Magdalena Pereyra and Lyndal Peake who presented a fantastical side show collection. Magdalena's handmade creatures included a bearded lady, a Hindi illusionist, two-headed skeletons, a bird lady and many others, each handstitched in various fabrics and materials. This subject matter may normally be passed over as part of a circus affair but were here lovingly portrayed with intricate detail almost like a family history (not Maggie's!). Lyndal's hand-drawn backdrops of bold decorative frames stretched to fill each of the back walls and brought each of the works together as a complete, albeit highly unusual, collection.


Leo Greenfield and Eliana Schoulal presented two shows across Vitrine and Sample during September and October. The first installation at Vitrine, The Demonic Pop Baroque, showed a series of digitally altered photographs exploring the masculine/feminine presentation of the human body. Leo acts as model in these and other works shown at Platform, combining theatrical and bejeweled facial decorations to create characters that could well be from the baroque period were they in a form other than photographic. A follow up show at Sample presented further images from the series, presented within the cabinet that was decorated with patterned hand-drawn wallpaper based on details from the photographs.


Matthew O'Shannessy's Majorca show, Systems of Paradise, featured three large-scale photographic studies of destroyed work environments. Offering a harsh contrast with the types of offices associated with everyday business, these photographs explored the destitute and decayed nature of spatial constructions when they are abandoned for greener pastures. Collapsed ceilings, broken windows, and leftover tools allowed a loose narrative to inform these postmodern-aesthetic works.