Anna Nilsson's Things I Worry About solo show at Platform saw her aviophobic collection of images and text installed throughout the subway cases. Each work included a story about fear-inducing flight scenarios; everything from the look of the pilots to crashing in the Bermuda Triangle. Accompanying each text work were intricate scenes of real life airline disaster recoveries, each meticulously cut out in black card silhouettes. A brave installation about confronting personal fears, we're now hoping this exhibition has given Anna all the incentive she needs to fly out in the New Year.


Mariah Kordzadze's recent collection of urban explorations touches a playful and fantastical side of the city. These colourful photographs in the Majorca windows were taken in the surrounding streets and laneways, demonstrating an ongoing interest many our artists have in locating their practice in the physicality of the inner city locales such as our friends at nearby Citylights Projects.


Izabela Pluta and Paolo Macchia managed to squeeze in a Vitrine show during their recent trip to Melbourne (they ran simultaneous shows at both West Space and Sutton Gallery). The installation work at Vitrine tested the development of blue dyed crystals absorbed up nylon stocking that were suspended from the ceiling. The collaborative duo were interested in the constrasts between the soft textures of the fabric with the artificial colours of the growing crystals and offset this with frottaged pavement plans on the back wall.