David Mahler
My Head Hurts (installation view)
(charcoal, pencil, acrylics, spray paint, collage, lego)
© 2008

One of our youngest Platform artists to date, 15-year old David Mahler held his first solo show, My Head Hurts, in the Sample space during February. David experiences synesthesia and much of his work is produced to music, exploring a range of techniques that demonstrate an unexpected diversity.
David says about this show: "I decided to call the exhibit "my head hurts" for various reasons. I get stressed pretty easily, and art helps me relax. I enjoy using bright colours and collaging images that have surrealistic and confusing implications. I guess the effect of the brightness can sometimes just dazzle people, which can be exaggerated as to being a headache." We're looking forward to seeing this young hotshot evolve his practice in the coming years!