Pip Stafford
Nobody Knows You Better Than I Do (detail)
(video still/screen print)
© 2008

Tasmanian artist Pip Stafford popped up to town to install a new piece in Vitrine for March. Nobody Knows You Better Than I Do explores everyday confessions from anonymous strangers presented in video, audio and screen-printed formats. Pip says about her work: "I am interested in the everyday; the mundane, daily rituals and private life. The length and breadth of lovers’ intimate knowledge, the things a mother no longer sees her grown up children do. The daily intimacies that we keep entirely to ourselves. Nobody Knows You Better Than I Do is an ongoing project which asks the question “What are your habits and rituals?” The video component of the project consists of a series of videos created anonymously: people talking about their personal habits, rituals and fears while videoing something of their choice - which is both a conceptual trope and an attempt to maintain anonymity while providing an interesting backdrop for their stories. The text on the window tells nine anonymous stories in gocco-printed repetition - the quotes were sourced from a Google search about 'weird habits'."
Anyone can participate in the project and videos, audio or text-based confessions can be sent anonymously to: GPO Box 325 Hobart 7001 Tasmania.