Secrets of the Photocopier
(drawing, collage, reassembled photocopies)
© 2008

In one of our best group shows in recent times, Secrets of the Photocopier saw some of Australia most prolific zinemakers descend on the subway to take over the cases during February. Organised by Platform lovechild Sticky and the Shop 10 crew (Luke Sinclair and Elle Peace with a host of dedicated volunteers), the Secrets exhibition was part of the first zine festival held in and around the subway throughout the month. Secrets featured some top Aussie talents in cut-and-paste independent publishing including: 7U, Breakdown Press, Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, All Thumbs Press, WEB, Ianto Ware, DNA, YOU, PAPER/CUTS (see image), Erinsborough Exploits, Mavis McKenzie, and Contextual Villains. Altogther a superbly executed group show about zines…still not sure what a zine is? Here’s the closest definition from the Sticky crew:

“Zines are a low-budget, accessible, ‘democracy of the multiple’ form of artistic and written expression, usually centred around photocopier technology as an easy and immediate form of reproduction, the zine then being freely distributed at little or no cost. Zines are often difficult to define and it is this difficulty of defining zines that contributes to its ever-changing dynamics and freedom that encourage experimental and innovative art forms.”

For more information about zines and how to buy, sell and exchange your own work, visit Melbourne’s leading zine shop: Sticky, Shop 10, Degraves Street Subway, Melbourne or check the website.