Dominique Mitchelson
Fresh Fields (photographic detail)
(dry-point print on paper)
© 2008

Melbourne printmaker Dominique Mitchelson took time out of her busy teaching schedule to install a series of beautifully detailed prints of magical 'anthropomorphs' in the Majorca Building cases for April. Dominique says of her latest installation:

"This current artwork is inspired by old fashioned illustration and a love for fine detail. I have re-created textures and designs of fabric within the imagery. The prints are based on my interest in animals and birds. The fox would have to be one of the most exquisite and common of animals – they are incredibly smart and very dedicated to looking after their families. The swallow is also a common bird, but it is so quick and fleeting in flight which makes it hard to see how truly beautiful these birds really are. With this work, I hope that the viewer can be transported from the city to another environment, where a fox goes exploring with a lantern light or swallows play on a maypole."

Dominique will be showing soon with Outré Gallery on Elizabeth Street Melbourne.