Various Artists
The Door Snake Project (installation detail view)
(mixed media incl. fabric, foam, cardboard, paint)
© 2008

The Door Snake Project stemmed from an initiative by Lori Kirk, a Melbourne based artist who developed the April collaborative art installation at Platform with 14 local and international contemporary artists. The artists each created their own unique version of the pop-crafty door snake, traditionally used underneath doorways to block unwanted drafts. The completed door snakes were posted from each artist’s country of residence, arriving in Melbourne to be installed at Platform. Lori then created the accompanying fabric environments within the 15 glass cabinets, creating a surreal underground reptile enclosure.

The Door Snake Project Artists
Altynai Osoeva, Lauren DiCioccio, Julia Adzuki, Ben Griffiths, Lori Kirk, Ruth Fleishman, Massimo Palombo, Cynthia Johnston, Elizabeth Temple, Kellie Lyler, Isabell Walsh, Judy Oakenfull, Rachel Carlisle, Helen Brooker and Becky James.