Cecilia Fogelberg
150 x 150mm (acrylic on canvas)
© 2008

Swedish-Australian artist Cecilia Fogelberg has collaborated with Dunkeld artist Trevor Flinn as part of this year's Next Wave Festival Kick Start Program, presenting a dual exhibition for May. Cecilia has created a diverse body of sculptural, painted and photographic work that explores cultural identity and the migrant experience from an artist's perspective. Cecilia's empathy with Hollywood aliens and art icons form the subjects of her paintings, while a handmade collection of balaclavas extract contradictions in identity and anonymity. Cecilia says about The Puma, The Stranger and The Mountain:

"The core of my work is the construction of reality, the construction of the individual identity, the order of nature and the disorder of nature (within and outside the supermarket), the dreams of fame, the dreams of popular culture in the form of a stoned Mickey Mouse who is dreaming about becoming as famous as Damien Hirst (Hirst representing the Art Supermarket), the alienation from culture and surroundings, the familiarity of a stranger meeting a stranger, the culture struggle within one's own culture, the exile, the myth of the stranger, and country town’s ‘Chinese whispers’ history writing. My work isn’t set in the past in a Swedish setting, nor is it talking about Australia today, but it has resemblances of it both."