Trevor Flinn
The Puma, The Stranger and The Mountain
Variable dimensions (plaster, fabric, wire, leaves, branches, road kill.)
(c) 2008

'The Puma, The Stranger & The Mountain' brings to life the myth that has been whispered around the Grampians near Trevor's hometown of Dunkeld in western Victoria.

Media collide as Trevor probes the latent underpinnings of regional life and landscape: identity, isolation, belief, freedom and captivity, desire and sexuality, raised by tales of this wild cat, which is believed to have prowled the local landscape for decades.

In order to trace the myth, Trevor becomes the puma through performance and, with a mash up of medium, the cabinets are transformed into relics of the places it has been. The rise and demise of Trevor's fake rock band, The Meat Eaters, mirrors the intangible fame of this regional bush legend.