Ebon Bowtell
Horse Stories
Type C photograph
(c) 2007

Majorca's latest installation is a photographic series of self-portraits by Melbourne photographer Ebon Bowtell. Richly moody and intensely personal, these photographs explore the violent implications of stereotypes, and are a fight toward re-gaining power. Ebon uses unconventional techniques such as long exposure and movement to achieve this powerful series.

In her own words:

"FucKEdUp, SHotUp, WACKedUp, bAnGedUp, SpatlTup, CouGhEdup, KNoCKedUp, LoCkeDup, BEAtUp, BasHedUp, ShutUp, GOttaLoveThat, FedUp, WokeUp, HadEnOUGh, cLEAnEDup..............STOP"