Victoria Stamos
10 March 1960
Digital Print
© 2008

The photograph presented is an extract taken from Greek-English Dialogues, a handbook given to my grandma before coming to Australia from Greece in 1960. It shows the inside back cover of the book where my grandma practiced writing the English alphabet. This is one of the few pieces my grandma has kept that mark the length of her living in Australia. I don’t know what she was feeling or thinking as she practiced the letters, but it’s these small details left behind that build the larger picture. I’m not seeking the truth about my grandma’s life, her origins or her history, but instead want to form a relationship with these things through the material object left behind.[1] The object acts as a trace of a life past as I never knew it, therefore reminding me of the passing of time and the trajectory my grandma’s life has taken since migrating to Australia.
-- Victoria Stamos

McKenzie, Robyn, Between the Lines (essay: My Library Story From…), Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, 2006, p.10