Adrian Caon
Libya 1986
Pastel & watercolour on paper
© 2008

101 Things to do with an American Flag is a multi-series art project Caon initiated in 2004. The project invites the audience to question the rhetoric of peace, freedom and democracy, as espoused by Australia’s ‘moral leader’, the USA, and look beyond it. Caon disrupts this rhetoric by presenting works that reveal the USA’s substantial history of using violence, or the threat of violence, to settle disputes with other states for its own interests.

This series subtitled No.11: assign each star to one of its wars consists of drawings, and several installations, depicting each of the 50 stars of the American flag positioned within a war or a military intervention during the 230-year history of the USA. The work invites the viewer to focus on one or two salient aspects of a specific U.S. military intervention by evoking the issues around war and human rights, and is a provocation rather than a didactic offensive.

On display at Majorca Building on Centre Place Melbourne throughout October.