Featured artists: Maggie Scott, Jessie Scott, Eugenia Lim, Michael Prior, Salote Tawale, Saskia Pandji-Sakti, Tanja Milbourne, Lizzy Sampson, Nic Whyte, Zoe Scoglio, Paul Dornau, Sarah Lake, Eliza Hearsum, Tony Holzner and Unchalee Unantawat.

Arab Telephone is French for Chinese Whispers. A children’s game that succinctly condenses ideas of truth, fiction and history into a simple chain reaction. For Tape Projects, it is an artists’ game, an experiment in process and time-delay collaboration. It begins with a story about Campbell Arcade, written by a history student, who is also a writer of fiction. Without knowing on which side of this boundary it lays, the story is passed from artist to artist by word of mouth, accreting or excreting details in the re-telling. The 12 resulting audio visual and sculptural installations will reveal the mechanics of this myth, uncover the themes that resonate between the artists and those that divide them.

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