Bonnie Lane
Video still
© 2008

Life as a Projectile Vomit

“When a recent bout of tonsillitis confined me to a house for a week (after being told I couldn't go to work), I became convinced of the things that I need in order to feel satisfied/content. A week of eating, sleeping, talking, f#%king, drinking, painting etc… Referencing the style of advertising, these screens flash at you what we cannot gain with money or achieve through material possession. When we live in a 'Tell me what to do because I can't think for myself' society, this may be the only way into the soul of the viewer.”
– Bonnie Lane, 2008

Bonnie Lane is a 22 year-old emerging artist based in Melbourne. Since completing her Bachelor of Fine Art at Victorian College of the Arts in 2007, Lane has had solo exhibitions in Melbourne at Plateau 589, Seventh Gallery and Bus 117. She was one of the 19 artists chosen to exhibit in the 2008 Moreland Sculpture Show, and was one of the Wallara Traveling Scholarship finalists in 2007.

On show at Sample space throughout November. Visit Bonnie's website.