Luke Warm
Nutrimetica II: the sequel (513 VHS)
Video still
© 2008

The information explosion is not a window on the future so much as a mirror of the past catching up with the present. – Gene Youngblood 1970

"Nutrimetica II: spatially reconstructs a memory of Nutrimetica I* and addresses the distortions of memory itself by adding physical ideas and elements of previous works of the artist into the one space. Nutrimetica: the sequel (513 VHS) is a generated physical mapping of a stored memory in celluloid. The invention of video was accessed by an opportuned public to immortalise, playback and passively enjoy their own memories. (513 VHS) considers the necessity of the real to non-recorded memories distorted by factors of time, perception of experience and the timeline of one’s life. The work is a recognition of the way in which media culture performs as a manipulative device to distort our realities."
– Luke Warm, 2008

*Nutrimetica I: Nightclub Project 1: The Men’s Gallery, Next Wave 2008

Luke Warm is a Melbourne based artist who uses the installation interface to orchestrate his atmospheric works that often employ several simultaneous components of practice. Warm mostly utilises video, photography, sculpture, set and costume design to communicate and resolve his ideas. Warm’s work reveals the presence of reality and the way in which fiction is conveyed within media culture. The videoscape of the melodrama and the tabloid are all constructed fantasies which are pre-empted and generated by its audience. Warm surveys how we perceive the ideal and succumb to the seduction of suspended-disbelief. Nutrimetica II on show at Vitrine throughout November.