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Simon Pericich
"...when they come we will be ready"

Image courtesy of the artist
Mixed media and found objects
(c) 2008

We live in an age where we can't take sunscreen on a plane because of fear that it may be weapon. Artist Simon Pericich comments on these and other recent global paranoias with a display of over 60 hysterical renditions of dangerous looking artworks crudely yet obsessively fashioned out of common house-hold objects. The overwhelming arsenal for an imagined futuristic army keeps us hilariously safe from unknown benevolent forces, reminding viewers 'everything really isn't that bad'.


Brad Haylock
A Beginner’s Guide to Politics
(c) 2008

Playing upon the language of politics and the media of commerce, A Beginner’s Guide to Politics acts as a public service announcement, capitalising upon Vitrine’s prominent location. This work is at once a response and, admittedly, an addition to the cacophony of a public discourse in which the line between political and commercial communication is increasingly indistinguishable.


Jessie Borrelle & Caroline Clements
(Spit & Polish)
Tell It To Yourself
(c) 2008

Spit & Polish deliver etiquette lessons to the Majorca House exhibition windows in Centreplace.

Two large-scale profile cameos (those of Spit & Polish), both furnished with speech bubbles, will be the vehicle for the text of the etiquette 'advice'. The lessons provided are extracted from an early 20th century guide, Don't! Directions for Avoiding Improprieties of Conduct & Common Errors in Speech. Don't! was published by E.W. Cole - a respected philanthropist and publisher of the times - on Little Collins Street, a mere block away from Majorca House.

It's likely that many people may have actually followed these suggestions, making both the literary and historical reference of this project pertinent to the location. The purpose of ‘Tell It To Yourself’ is to amuse (and instruct) passers-by, but primarily to illustrate the changes in social behaviours that have occurred over the twentieth century, almost the span of time since the erection of the Majorca Building and Flinders Lane. The quotes reference the hospitality laden precinct, the highly social nature of Centreplace, and its function as a meeting place embedded with behavioural cues, idiocies and expectations.


Lucy Berglund
(c) 2008

In Mother/Lover/Other, Lucy Berglund uses familiar checked blankets to reference safety and warmth, while simultaneously hinting at their flipside, claustrophobia and suffocation. This ambivalence demonstrates an interrogation of the state of desire and yearning.

Lucy Berglund is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Art at Monash.

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