1-31 October, Opening Friday 10 October 6-8pm


Featured artists: Maggie Scott, Jessie Scott, Eugenia Lim, Michael Prior, Salote Tawale, Saskia Pandji-Sakti, Tanja Milbourne, Lizzy Sampson, Nic Whyte, Zoe Scoglio, Paul Dornau, Sarah Lake, Eliza Hearsum, Tony Holzner and Unchalee Unantawat.

Arab Telephone is French for Chinese Whispers. A children’s game that succinctly condenses ideas of truth, fiction and history into a simple chain reaction. For Tape Projects, it is an artists’ game, an experiment in process and time-delay collaboration. It begins with a story about Campbell Arcade, written by a history student, who is also a writer of fiction. Without knowing on which side of this boundary it lays, the story is passed from artist to artist by word of mouth, accreting or excreting details in the re-telling. The 12 resulting audio visual and sculptural installations will reveal the mechanics of this myth, uncover the themes that resonate between the artists and those that divide them.

Visit Tape Projects here.


After a long and illustrious career, Spongebob Squarepants lies forgotten and ailing in palliative care. The only person willing to hear the tales of his adventures long gone is a fan who keeps a vigil by his bedside. Through a television, the pair revisit various heroics and escapades from Spongebob’s days on Bikini Bottom. His life-support system depends precariously on battery power and as the batteries fade the video begins to glitch. Despite all efforts to sustain him by his offsider, once the batteries lose power, Spongebob is lost.

Spongebob is dying is a performance-based installation in Vitrine exploring the dialogue between ourselves, the things we use to entertain us, and the unintended plot developments that can result.

Daniel Green is a Sydney based artist, performer, curator and terrible musician. He has Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the University of Western Sydney and has shown at Bus in Melbourne and This Is Not Art Festival in Newcastle. Spongebob is dying will be performed on the 10th of October from 3pm, as well as on the 1st, 28th, 29th and 30th of October from 7am.


Hayden Daniel
Splatterdash Cover
Acyrlic on paper
© 2008

Splatterdash is a collection of artworks made by Hayden Daniel in an attempt to portray to the public of Melbourne the random, weird and wonderful ideas, thoughts and dreams that flow through his head. Hayden works across an array of mediums including paint, pens and pencils on all kinds of objects from found wood to used metcards. Hayden Daniel is an aspiring artist and still a high school student. This is his first exhibition and continues Sample’s offering of opportunities to young artists.


Adrian Caon
Libya 1986
Pastel & watercolour on paper
© 2008

101 Things to do with an American Flag is a multi-series art project Caon initiated in 2004. The project invites the audience to question the rhetoric of peace, freedom and democracy, as espoused by Australia’s ‘moral leader’, the USA, and look beyond it. Caon disrupts this rhetoric by presenting works that reveal the USA’s substantial history of using violence, or the threat of violence, to settle disputes with other states for its own interests.

This series subtitled No.11: assign each star to one of its wars consists of drawings, and several installations, depicting each of the 50 stars of the American flag positioned within a war or a military intervention during the 230-year history of the USA. The work invites the viewer to focus on one or two salient aspects of a specific U.S. military intervention by evoking the issues around war and human rights, and is a provocation rather than a didactic offensive.

On display at Majorca Building on Centre Place Melbourne throughout October.


Catherine Sewell
Digital Photograph
© 2008

The next installment of The Playground Project, this exhibition takes a look at moments of adult play through design: textiles; space; object; image. How do you play? Is it sensation or scenario? Solitary or surrounded? The silver lining or the lining of a jacket? Play up. Play on. Play ball.

"Over the past few years I’ve been keeping a record of moments of play in my life, in everyday situations I see and from stories I hear from others. The more I’ve thought about the ways that adults play, the more infinite these ways seem. Childhood, games, sport, sex, laughter, fantasy, ingenuity, creativity, risk, syncopation, repetition, rehearsal…the list goes on. My aim then, has become more about igniting the imagination of individual play. For this exhibition I chose a number of images that symbolise the different ways I have observed adults play. An experiment in how clothing, textiles, image and object can sit playfully. It is not just a public display of playfulness, it is a reminder to notice and hold on to playful moments in life." – Catherine Sewell


Katy Bowman
© 2008

Mending is a makeshift shrine to healing, reconciliation and sustainability. The word and act of mending conjure up a bygone age when things were repaired, darned, fixed, reused, worked on, put right. On the mend… mending fences… mending one’s ways… mending worn out clothes… mending a broken heart. The images are derived from old first aid books combine with found and fabricated surgical items to the effect that the piece evokes a window display from a different era. Katy is currently Master of Fine Art candidate at RMIT.


Graphite on paper
© 2008

Marita Dyson and Kubota Fumikazu will investigate notions of macro and micro through a display of juxtaposing works on paper in the Majorca cases throughout September. Kubota’s intensely detailed, giant, self-portrait and Marita’s manic-biotic, metropolis installation are filled with unexpected insinuations and uncanny connections. Marita Dyson is a Melbourne artist and musician interested in museum collections, the periodic table of the elements and gardening. Kubota Fumikazu is Melbourne based artist originally from Japan. His work is mostly intricate, hand-drawn forms depicting aspects of the human psyche.


Ilia Rosli
'I Have a Circular Driveway'
(c) 2008

I Have a Circular Driveway is written, directed and presented by Ilia Rosli as Ilia Rosli. She is a reader, a writer, an observer, a maker, a learner and lots of other things, as well as slightly confused, and this month the Sample space is her playground. After filling Platform windows with sugar and cupcakes last year, Ilia returns to show a video installation filled with colour, kitsch, whimsy, tricks and very little treats. You can also find Ilia at the George Paton Gallery at Melbourne University this September where she has tiptoed into the audio realm.