3-28 November, Opening Friday 7 November 6-8pm


The Contextual Villains
Our Own Particular Truth (detail)
Mixed media
© 2008

Our Own Particular Truth
They came here on boats, with exquisite taste and bad manners they went forth feral and populated. / Their children's children spoke intimate nonsense shyly in shapeshifting playgrounds. / They altered their egos, telling tall tales amid imaginary worlds of others discards. / They peddled their wares, lines and letters to keep themselves fed full and snug in rugs. / Lazy afternoons sending out stories through tangled cords of collective conscious. / And as the days pass her water-table rises, leaking sympathetic wells of water at the world's wonders. / Casting shapes in the expectation of an approaching villain. / They labour in rapture to extract from the under-land a wide eyed monster, fiercely silent and already hunting for truffles. / The path to his lair littered with severed heads and indecipherable marks, left to guide his companions in the lessons of chaos. / In the search for the way of things this fledgling clan seek simplicity regardless of the fears that face them. / Together they prepare for exploration of uncharted territories - in the knowledge that their time together is fleeting and the end is theirs alone.

Following their recent move to Melbourne, The Contextual Villains will return to show at Platform in November for their first solo show with us.

Visit The Contextual Villains.


Luke Warm
Nutrimetica II: the sequel (513 VHS)
Video still
© 2008

The information explosion is not a window on the future so much as a mirror of the past catching up with the present. – Gene Youngblood 1970

"Nutrimetica II: spatially reconstructs a memory of Nutrimetica I* and addresses the distortions of memory itself by adding physical ideas and elements of previous works of the artist into the one space. Nutrimetica: the sequel (513 VHS) is a generated physical mapping of a stored memory in celluloid. The invention of video was accessed by an opportuned public to immortalise, playback and passively enjoy their own memories. (513 VHS) considers the necessity of the real to non-recorded memories distorted by factors of time, perception of experience and the timeline of one’s life. The work is a recognition of the way in which media culture performs as a manipulative device to distort our realities."
– Luke Warm, 2008

*Nutrimetica I: Nightclub Project 1: The Men’s Gallery, Next Wave 2008

Luke Warm is a Melbourne based artist who uses the installation interface to orchestrate his atmospheric works that often employ several simultaneous components of practice. Warm mostly utilises video, photography, sculpture, set and costume design to communicate and resolve his ideas. Warm’s work reveals the presence of reality and the way in which fiction is conveyed within media culture. The videoscape of the melodrama and the tabloid are all constructed fantasies which are pre-empted and generated by its audience. Warm surveys how we perceive the ideal and succumb to the seduction of suspended-disbelief. Nutrimetica II on show at Vitrine throughout November.


Bonnie Lane
Video still
© 2008

Life as a Projectile Vomit

“When a recent bout of tonsillitis confined me to a house for a week (after being told I couldn't go to work), I became convinced of the things that I need in order to feel satisfied/content. A week of eating, sleeping, talking, f#%king, drinking, painting etc… Referencing the style of advertising, these screens flash at you what we cannot gain with money or achieve through material possession. When we live in a 'Tell me what to do because I can't think for myself' society, this may be the only way into the soul of the viewer.”
– Bonnie Lane, 2008

Bonnie Lane is a 22 year-old emerging artist based in Melbourne. Since completing her Bachelor of Fine Art at Victorian College of the Arts in 2007, Lane has had solo exhibitions in Melbourne at Plateau 589, Seventh Gallery and Bus 117. She was one of the 19 artists chosen to exhibit in the 2008 Moreland Sculpture Show, and was one of the Wallara Traveling Scholarship finalists in 2007.

On show at Sample space throughout November. Visit Bonnie's website.


Dylan Statham
Fools Gold (Detail)
148.5mm x 105mm
Digital Print
© 2008

Mistake Machine

“You had best buy gold and silver quickly to protect yourself from the coming catastrophe. While the ancient Israeli's had lamb's blood to put on their door posts to protect them from the Destroyer, you will have to settle for gold and silver. We also note that God is still available as well, and we suggest you call on His services for the ultimate in bailout protection."

Bob Chapman, Gold, Silver, Economy + More, in the International Forecaster Sept 2008 (#8) http://news.goldseek.com/InternationalForecaster/1222668900.php

Mistake Machine will be on show at the Majorca Building cases on the corner of Centre Place and Flinders Lane Melbourne throughout November.