Unrealised Architecture
Digital photograph
© 2008

Featured Artists: HUGH ADAMSON (Architect), JESSE BATES (Photographer), SIMONE BLISS (Landscape Architect), SARAH BOWE (Artist), LISA BRENNAN (Architect), TIM CLAYTON (Architect), GREG DICKSON (Architect), MEGG EVANS (Interior Architect), KYLIE FORBES (Sculptural Installation Artist)

Unrealised Architectural works exist in many guises, modest & grand, sculptural & pragmatic. Many realised architectural works are actually the remnants of an ideal unrealised design. Others are the conceptual seeds that germinate into works found in all areas of the arts.

The value of great architecture, be it in its initial imaginative stages or in the final scheme, lies in the force and power of its possibilities and ability to inspire. The focus in this exhibition is to present a variety of unrealised works which range in both perspective and application. Works from landscape, interior and architectural designers stand amongst that of painters, photographers and sculptors, each of which respond to the architectural possibilities of their own practice.

The projects presented here share the theme “Unrealised Architecture”. The displays include architectural projects that have fallen short of the expectations of the architect and/or client; works that scour the landscape for new forms and practices; models that research lost construction arts; considerations of structures that play with time; concepts for inner-urban space that revitalise community interaction and excursions into the future possibilities of architectural composition and realisation in the contemporary metropolis.


John Parkinson
Digital photograph
© 2008

John Parkinson lives in Melbourne and recently graduated from Painting at the Victorian College of the Arts. He sings and plays in the art-pop band World’s End Press. Using the camera and the computer, he constructs monumental buildings and spaces. Each building is a pictorial meditation on a state of doing and being.

John Parkinson's MySpace


Sam George
Cheers Silly And You
Mixed media
© 2008

"It's not what I can do for you, it's what you have already done for me.

Thanks for existing, feeling feelings, going to work, walking around, eating, patting dogs, smiling smiles, tripping over, drinking, getting up….Everything that you do, what ever you choose to do, I trust it's for the betterment of you and the world. I like… no, I love that you are simply alive. This is how I want you. I want to say thank you for this. It really does brighten my day." (Sam George)

Sam George recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) at the VCA, and has had exhibitions at TCB and various group shows. She often puts things with things with other things, makes things; makes things move on screens (all of which may include words) –and also does things like painting on computers and on occasion dabbles with coloured pencils, textas and paints.

Sam George's NAVA Gallery