Hannah Raisin
Suggar Mummas Part 2
video, dvd player/screen, photographic prints, rotating frames, breakfast cereal, photocopies, string, glitter, plastic, glue
Sample: installation view ©2009

Milking the symbols of a synthetic femininity.

Is an embarrassment a rejection of oneself? A rejection can be a starting point, a reaction to a negative force. Why is it that if we believe we become somebody else we will be happy? Through the dismissal of our natural bodies, a synthetic and sterile beauty can often become the epitome of what is considered sexy. But who can measure the unnatural?

Every thought has a perfect image encapsulating its essence, binding it to the world. The ideas and key icons we attempt to mimic (the heightened colours and flavours) are as unstable and artificially enhanced as packeted cereal. Unfortunately the highly addictive sugar coated death pill is ultimately unsatisfactory.

Hannah Raisin completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing) at the VCA in 2007. Raisin has exhibited throughout Melbourne in both solo and group shows including: Eat My Spider, TCB (2008); Wallara Travelling Scholarship, Margaret Lawrence Gallery; Somewhere to Run, Loop Bar; Provisional Investigations; George Paton Gallery, Melbourne University; Do It, Margaret Lawrence (2007) and Do you like me? at Kings ARI (2007). Raisin was a finalist for the Wallara Travelling Scholarship and received the Proud second year art award.