Jason Lingard
Skin Idols
giclée print on paper
Installation view © 2009

Skin Idols
is a series of work that explores the blurred line between pornography and art, absurdity and decency, abhorrence and worship. Jason Lingard’s prints take pornographic imagery out of the privacy of his bedroom, reconfiguring them into fantastical characters and idols, redisplaying them in the public domain, a space usually reserved for the presentation of brash large-scale advertising.

Jason Lingard is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work mainly consists of pop-influenced collage, digital manipulation, video and installation. Graphical, highly stylised, confrontational, and sometimes sexual, Lingard’s work has explored themes of body image, self-perception, sexual identity, celebrity culture and cosmetic surgery. Lingard has studied both graphic art and fashion design. Originally from New Zealand, he has exhibited in Australia, New Zealand and Germany. His worked has also been featured in magazines such as Dazed & Confused, Empty and Carousel.