Tape Projects
Frame Residency No. 1
flip books, string, tape, video, mini-dvd players, vinyl LPs
Frame: installation view © 2009

A new interdisciplinary case at the dark end of the subway...

Tape Projects seeks to promote the wealth of talented and underrepresented young and emerging artists in Melbourne and throughout Australia, who practice media art and hybrid forms not necessarily suited to the traditional gallery format. As young and emerging artists ourselves, we believe in supporting our highly skilled community by creating new opportunities for the screening and showcasing of accomplished experimental art.

For our Frame Residency at Platform we have several delights up our sleeve: each month we will alternate between shining a light our previous output, as well as creating brand new site specific works to best take advantage of the strange and unique Frame space. Hidden away in the appendix of Campbell Arcade, furtive noises and flickering lights will draw passing pedestrians into an unexpected revolving side show, where they can come across some of Australia’s least recognised, most talented temporal practitioners. Expect to see Flip Books and Locked Grooves, 123TV Preview, Best of Tape Projects, plus lots of new work.

Tape Projects is comprised of the following individuals:

Sunday Ganim has been weaving much, making pop up books and hasn't managed to switch her computer on for about a year.

Tanja Milbourne (Kimme) is a photographer and media artist often working collaboratively. Her work incorporates an ongoing investigation into the conceptual and formal properties of photographic documentation, often employing the existing site as the subject for enquiry.

Eugenia Lim works predominantly in video and photography to explore issues of identity, race, and culture. She is a founding member of Tape Projects, an artist run initiative championing experimental cross-disciplinary art in Melbourne and beyond.

Michael Prior is a media artist interested in creating interactive installation works that attempt to distort time perception via sound and architecture. He also produces publications and performance work with Tape Projects as well as soundtrack work for film and TV

Zoe Scoglio experiments with moving image, sound, torches, triangles & the human body to create works that have been performed both locally & abroad.

Lee Anantawat was born in Thailand, and currently lives in Melbourne, She draws pictures of love-lorn robots, science experiments in nature, mermen/women and is trying to live her life as an animator.

Nic Whyte works in the realm of moving image, video installation & interactive art. Recent years have been spent scaling ladders to install projectors whilst facilitating temporal media through Tape Projects.

Jessie Scott is an artist who works primarily in video. At the moment she is preoccupied with the human tendency to embroider mundane tasks, making them unnecessarily complex and beautiful.

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