Adam Cruickshank
Philosopher Kings
digital prints
installation view
© 2009

A comment on the over reliance of critical theory in the justification of much contemporary art was the initial impetus for these prints. Bringing the actual image of the philosopher or theorist to the foreground in preference over their theories and combining that with hip hop lyrics seemed both comical and relevant. Hip Hop is usually a very visual medium; image is often (almost) everything. This is in direct contrast to theorists, whose ideas are paramount, the concepts of which are often hard to describe without the use of convoluted language. Or are they? Can they be summed up and/or directly opposed by a few choice lyrics? Will the image of the thinker combined with the words of the MC still make sense? Does this conjunction somehow debase critical theory or does it conversely point out how universal some philosophies can be? Personally, I just want to see Rene Descartes wear a fat gold rope and Friedrich Nietzsche bust a move.

Adam Cruickshank went to the Queensland College of Art in the early 1990s and, after a period of exhibiting, was lured by a liveable wage into advertising and magazine art direction. Two years ago he began a rededication to full time art practice. He has exhibited extensively in Europe and Australia, has had work published in numerous anthologies and magazines, recently held a solo show at TCB in Melbourne and co-curated the Grow Wild show at Utopian Slumps.