Brad Haylock
Everything you never wanted to know about fashion
(but were too afraid to ask)

lightboxes, acetate lettering
(installation view)
© 2009

Continuing the artist’s fascination with public communication, Everything you never wanted to know… responds to the spatial qualities and the location of Vitrine, and particularly to its visibility and the passing foot traffic. The work offers to passers-by a commentary on the world of fashion and its underlying logic, whilst adding to the cacophony of signage with which commuters are barraged. The textual content of the work takes inspiration from critical theory and from the most hyperbolic and vacuous of fashion advertising, and from combinations of the two. The resulting commentary spans the incisive and the absurd, the pithy and the banal. The form of the work also takes cues from the world of fashion; this form is a reflection upon the fetishism of the object that is characteristic of the worlds of fashion and art alike.

Brad Haylock is a lecturer in Visual Communication in the Faculty of Art & Design at Monash University. He variously practices as an artist, designer, writer, and curator. Recent projects include the solo exhibitions Crazed and Defused and A Beginner’s Guide to Politics, design for Making Space and Objects in Space, the curation of The Art of the Bicycle and the co-curation with Mark Richardson of Advance/Retreat.