David McDonald
What We Now Know Resides
wood, paint, latex, rope, vaseline
installation detail
© 2009

The installation What We Now Know Resides sees Platform extend its architecture as a sort of rift through the unconscious, between daily life and things shut out. A sculptural and performance-based work that probes the grease-traps of the mind, a suggestion that a malignant presence now resides in the twenty-first century human psyche. Psychological thriller with carnal, primitive and sexual undercurrents – four and a half stars. (DM)

By ‘removing’ or ‘boarding up’ the Platform space, the artist is manifesting his concerns that Melbourne is becoming a ‘Lifestyle City’, whereby consumption lifestyle grows and cultural and community engagement wanes. Art (amongst other creative areas) becomes a prop for shopping and lifestyle. Platform, with its display cases that contain and constrain most exhibitions, is the perfect gallery and site to present these notions. When the known gallery is blocked out, it is envisaged that questions will be raised on public space, art, lifestyle and the presentation of creative work to the Melbourne community.

Dave McDonald works primarily with sculpture/installation that invites viewer interaction. Over the last five years he has exhibited primarily in public spaces with installations produced for various Melbourne festivals including: L’Oreal Melbourne International Fashion Festival, Melbourne Design Festival, Next Wave Festival and State of Design Festival. In 2007 McDonald opened an experimental art gallery in the CBD, Rise and Fall – a parasite art space on the elevator, stairwell and cinema screen of Curtin House. The project explores human interaction in zones and thoroughfares between public and private space in Melbourne. In addition to his practice, McDonald lectures in Architecture and Design at Swinburne University in Prahran.