Kate Moss
Hey give me a break
digital photograph
© 2009

Hey give me a break is a site-specific installation in the display cases on the Majorca Building. The cases will comprise of a 2D work replicating existing and imagined sites of socially motivated, anti-aesthetic graffiti found within the public domain. The work will adopt the aesthetic of these sites. For example, on a brick wall on a street in Fitzroy someone has spray painted 'hey give me a break'. I will replicate this site using brick veneer and text enclosed within the cases on Centre Place.

I am intrigued by the ambiguity of this statement and wonder at what point an individual is motivated to commit such a statement publicly. I am interested in public space as a vessel for free expression whether social, political or personal. The gallery space is a platform for artists to freely express ideas, beliefs and concepts within a controlled environment. I am interested in replicating these graffiti statements and to see how they can be recontextualised in a gallery space within the public domain.

Kate Moss lives and works in Melbourne. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Art at the VCA. In 2006 she was the recipient of an Excellence Award at The Centre for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne. Her practice utilises a variety of media and stem from her interest in 1960s and 1970s counter culture and the failure or abandonment of structures within society, whether physical or ideological. Her installations involve re-working these abandoned ideals in the context of the now.