Tom Civil & Marc de Jong
Subversive Resistance
paint, rusted spray cans, metal sheets, stickers, markers
(installation detail)
© 2009

Tom Civil
paper, paint, marker
(installation detail)
© 2009

Tom Sevil (AKA Civil) is a community graphic designer and artist. Since completing a Bachelor of Environmental Science in 1999, he has gone on to become involved in the independent media and publishing community. Tom has worked as a graphic designer for many political and community organisations including: 3CR, Seeds of Dissent Calendars, The Big Issue, Voiceworks Magazine, The Paper, Melbourne Indymedia, and Stolenwealth Games. His stencil work has been featured in Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne, the film Rash, as a feature artist in Melbourne Stencil Festival, and most recently as part of the London Cans Festival. Tom is one half of Breakdown Press.