Van Thanh Rudd
Economy of Movement - A Piece of Palestine
rock, glass, ink jet prints, frames
(installation view & detail)
© 2009

Van Thanh Rudd has been exhibiting since growing up on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Moving to Melbourne in 1995, his work has increasingly attempted to address issues surrounding social justice. He researched socio-economic systems and the role of art and politics by travelling to countries such as Vietnam, Cuba, Chile and France in 2005. One of his major projects, The Carriers Project (2004-2008), involved carrying his paintings on foot through public and private spaces in Australia’s major cities. He has taken part in major social actions such as the Anti-G20 Rally (2006), The Stolenwealth Games (2006), Industrial Relations Rallies (2005) and Free The Refugees Protests (2004). Current and ongoing works include the Residencies of Thought Project, taking place in The White House, Washington and the Guggenheim Museum, New York.