Lee Anantawat & Zoe Scoglio
Ooomong: Building Tunnels and Pondering Infinity
cardboard, paper, kaleidoscopes, AV loops, screens
(installation view & detail)
Photos courtesy of Tanja Milbourne
© 2009

Lee and Zoe's third collaboration is a site-specific installation, which sees the dark, subterranean Frame window below Flinders Street transformed into an intergalactic porthole. Utilizing sounds, structures and video, Ooomong playfully explores the fine lines between the infinite and infinitesimal, the wise and the whimsical, and the eternal and ephemeral. Adapted from the Thai word for 'tunnel', Ooomong creates stepping stones between the physical world and that which is unfathomable.

Lee Anantawat was born in Thailand, and currently lives in Melbourne. She draws pictures of love-lorn robots, science experiments in nature, mermen/women and is trying to live her life as an animator. Lee has completed a Master Degree in Animation and Interactive Media (AIM) from RMIT and has exhibited in group shows with Tape Projects of which she is now a member.

Zoe is a media artist who creates video and sound often for public, live and site-specific contexts. Her current work involves spontaneous collaborations and explorations into transformation and ritual. Some projects in the last year include video work for Gertrude Projection Festival, Electrofringe, Next Wave at Urban Screens, Michael Koro Gallery, PACT Quarterbred residency, Platform Artists Group Inc and The Women's Circus. She is a founding member of Melbourne artist run initiative, Tape Projects.

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