Hamstrung: Creativity Within Constraints

Curated by Anusha Kenny
Stuart Bailey, Kaori Kato, Azlan McLennan, Rosie Miller, Carl Scrase

Sometimes it is so hard to write the first word. There is too much to say and too many ways to say it. If you are a contemporary artist, there are even more problems. You have to decide on a medium, an aesthetic, and before that you have to decide whether to decide on any of these things at all. This can be paralysing, and you might decide that it is easier to become a scientist.

If you are lucky, you will have limits imposed on you. You may only have watercolours available, for example. This constraint will open up a world of opportunities because you now know you will be a contemporary watercolorist. But what if you want to paint photorealist portraits in the style of Chuck Close? Well, then you will have to beat the limits of your medium.

Anusha Kenny is currently completing the Art & Australia and Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces Emerging Writer’s Program. In 2008 she was the inaugural curator-in-residence for Platform’s Sample exhibition space. She has curated exhibitions for TCB and the Melbourne University Arts Festival. Her writing has been published in Australian Art Collector, Art & Australia and UN magazine. Anusha is the gallery manager for Platform Artists Group and this is her second curated group show in the main exhibition space.