Kate McIntyre
drawing, paper, chrome vinyl
(installation detail)
© 2009

Kate McIntyre is rendering an improbable growth down beneath Flinders Street, toying with a contested underground space and unravelling an argument of territory between urban and natural development.

McIntyre is a New Zealand artist recently relocated to Melbourne. She creates installations that draw forth a potential hidden history, future or present from the banalities of a space, allowing the viewer to rethink the situations in which we are surrounded. In the cabinets of Platform , McIntyre is documenting a creeping expansion that seems to be breaking through the structures of its environment, questioning the usual patterns of construction and growth. McIntyre works with man-made and artificial materials to construct her scenarios, using surfaces and motifs to emulate space and form, suggestively fabricating architectural creations, inversions and destructions. Her work is driven by a fascination with suggested potential, and the improbability of seeing both things at the same time.

Kate McIntyre is a New Zealand artist recently relocated to Melbourne. Along with graduating from the University of Canterbury’s Sculpture Studio in 2005, McIntyre has exhibited her work extensively in Christchurch, as well as in Auckland, and Kurashiki, Japan as part of a sculptural exchange. She has also acted on the Board of Trustees for Christchurch’s HSP Gallery, and adapted ideas from her practice into the production design for several short films. Recently McIntyre has shown in the Physics Room Gallery’s public art site in Christchurch, The Kiosk, and held a solo show, Lost in Space, at HSP Gallery.