Sue-Ching Lascelles
I'm Lichen You a Lot
felt, cotton, polysheets
(installation detail)
© 2009

Our rapidly developing society continues to blur the distinction between Science and Nature. In petri dishes all over the world, nature is being ‘re-designed’ for both beneficial and destructive ends. I’m Lichen You a Lot will be the most beautiful felt fungal disease to infect the city of Melbourne. Thousands of tiny felt lichen spanning many species, both real and invented, will create a saturating composition of ‘artificial nature’. Painstakingly categorised according to colour and form, these curious objects will be overwhelming in mass yet fascinating in detail. Intricately crafted from felt, this soft sculpture installation will appeal to the distant onlooker as a whimsical explosion of colour and composition whilst rewarding the observant viewer with a deeper understanding of the forces at play in the work. I’m Lichen You a Lot is an attempt to challenge our increasingly confused notion of natural beauty, changing the city’s landscape with an injection of beautiful and fragile synthesised nature within the subway.

Sue-Ching Lascelles is a Brisbane-based textile artist specialising in the creation of everyday objects from felt. Her collections of soft sculptures are based on the perception and memory of childhood. Inspired by a playful, childlike vision of the world around us, she rejects so-called ‘grown-up’ forms of aesthetic naturalism. There is a keen sense of novelty that resonates in her desire to transform the banal into the fantastical. Sue-Ching is presently artist-in-residence at Juggler’s Art Space in Fortitude Valley, Queensland.