Chloe Vallance
Fables of the familiar, the forgotten and the found
pencil drawings on timber, bottles, canvas, paper, paint swatches and pencil shavings
(upper: detail view)
(lower: installation view)
© 2009

The idea of sequencing imagery to suggest an underlying notion of a narration is a recurring theme in my art making. I have become increasingly interested in familiar and forgotten moments of intimate human interaction, as well as the notion of scale – very small drawings allow the imagery to become more personal. I am also fascinated by the simplicity of intimacy experienced by a solitary figure a moment at a time. My current art practice deals with intimate imagery of figures, both together and solitary. When sequenced together, these images allude to the concept of a narration in the form of a storyboard, family album or a film still. The ideas for my drawings stem from my observation of people, close friends and family, and are developed from photographs and life. Fables… will consist of a series of small-scale drawings, paintings, objects and artist books. I am working predominately in coloured pencil on paper, colour swatches, and timber, (pine and MDF board), to create my drawings and objects, while using oils to produce my paintings. The artist books consist of traditional book making materials, such as card, fabric and paper. A lot of my materials, especially the colour swatches and timber, are found objects that relate in terms of scale.

Chloe Vallance is currently studying Fine Art (Honours) Drawing at RMIT. Vallance has held solo shows including: Human Interaction at RMIT First Site Gallery, Narratives of the Personal the Playful and the Peaceful at Seventh Gallery, and Chapter 12 at Brunswick Street Gallery. Chloe has appeared in group exhibitions such as Made in Italy, Phillips House of Fine Art Drawing Prize, and she was one of five winners of the Siemens RMIT Fine Art Undergraduate travel scholarships for 2007.

On display in the Sample case throughout June.