Tanja Milbourne
Degraves Street Subway
photographic collage
© 2009

This project, specifically designed for the Frame Residency at Platform, takes the existing site as the subject for enquiry. Investigating the conceptual and formal properties of photographic documentation, Degraves Street Subway extends into the temporal realm. The transitory nature of the passageway is evidenced by the fragments and traces of people moving through the subway. The surrounding space is unfolded both architecturally and temporally, implicating the viewer in the act of seeing and inviting questions about the nature of perception.

On display in the Frame case throughout June.

This is the sixth installation from Tape Projects' Frame Residency at Platform.

Tanja Milbourne is a photographer and media artist. Her work incorporates an ongoing investigation into photographic documentation, informed through critical examination of the inherent qualities of representation and perception.