Jon Oldmeadow
Mechanised zoetrope with drawings, lights, motor
100 x 100 cm (detail view)
© 2009

Phantom (noun): an image appearing in a dream or formed in the mind

Phantom explores the fascination that comes from things seen for the first time. This series of drawings is automated by an oversized mechanized zoetrope, an analogue animation device. It takes inspiration from cave drawings found in Arnhem Land thought to be of early explorer Ludwig Leichhardt and his horse. Just as European drawings of eucalyptus trees, which appeared more like European deciduous trees, and kangaroos, which looked more like giant rats, must have seemed strange to Aboriginal people, the Indigenous representation of white people and their animals appear very peculiar, like a phantom.

Jon Oldmeadow completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at Monash University in 2007 and has collaborated as a part of Safari Team since 2006. With Safari Team, Jon has exhibited at VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, TCB, Next Wave Festival, and Seventh Gallery in Melbourne, Firstdraft Gallery in Sydney, Palazzo Vaj in Italy and WLTWSAETLV in Montreal, Canada.