Sarah Bunting
(upper) Diamond Drawing
pencil on paper
(lower) Volcano God/Warrior of The Tephra
digital composite (detail)
© 2009

Imagery drawn from consumer culture and current affairs, combined with the languages of analysis, advertising and corporate-speak, build in layers to create a strange, altar-like construction inside the Vitrine space. Imagining a future civilisation in which objects from our present have been recontextualised as icons of worship, Volcano God/Warrior of the Tephra presents a curious, psychedelic new vision of community and worship. Weapons and costumes recall pagan societies of the past, but the materials used to construct these items are all too clearly from our own present.

Sarah Bunting studied Visual Communication at Monash University and has lectured in Design History and Theory at RMIT TAFE for the past three years. During that time she has taken part in group exhibitions, including No Excuses at FAD Gallery, I Wear My Heart on My Tee at Boroondara Town Hall, and a 2007 Platform show with Dale Nason, Free Meat Economy. Sarah is also involved in performance art, working again with Dale Nason as part of Boutique Irrational and in 2008 formed the all-female performance collective LeoTards. Sarah also self-publishes in zines and on her blog, The Tephra.