Adam Cruickshank
Enhanced Awareness Campaign
Discarded trophy pieces and assorted consumer detritus
variable dimensions
© 2009

Enhanced Awareness Campaign consists of a number of hybrid, bastardized trophies. Post-ironic religious icons destined to be sacrificed to the gods of ASX and NASDAQ or awards for those who excel in the implementation of enhanced consumer enabling, customer loyalty programs and the architecture of brands? Everything is AWESOME with these AMAZING PRIZES.

Adam Cruickshank went to the Queensland College of Art in the early 1990s and – after a period of exhibiting locally – worked in magazine art direction until 2007 when he restarted his dedication to fine art practice. His work ranges through sculptural installation, collaboration, image-making and sound. He has exhibited in Europe and Australia in various public spaces and galleries including TCB, Utopian Slumps, and Bus.

On show at Platform throughout August.