Annika Koops
Mixed Mythologies
(upper) acrylic on canvas
(lower detail) sgraffito with black acrylic on board
70cm x 50cm
© 2009

Mixed Mythologies re-visions historical 16th and 17th century paintings as the polygonal mesh used to create 3D computer models. The images present subjects characteristic of the period: vanitas, still lifes and religious icons. However these images are not generated by computer, but by hand, oscilating between old and new technology. There is an inherent paradox to these images, a cyclical redundancy which explores concepts relating to homogenization. The work simultaneously implies the ephemeral and eternal. This creates temporal conflict, in which the outcome is stasis.

Annika Koops works primarily with painting and digital photography. In 2007 she was the recipient of the Keith and Elisabeth Murdoch Traveling Fellowship. Annika currently works in Melbourne where she has been involved in group and solo projects at various galleries and ARI’s. Annika’s work is held in public and private collections in Australia and she has exhibited widely nationally and internationally.

On show at Platform throughout August.