Carly Fischer
You took the words right out of my mouth
paper, foamcore and adhesives
variable dimensions
© 2009

You took the words right out of my mouth explores the idea that in an increasingly globalised contemporary context, where our environment is continually replicated, remixed and commodified, we have nothing left to say. In her installation, Fischer explores Berlin as a model environment where even dysfunction has been commodified. Fischer explores this idea of reproduction and it’s resultant expectation by creating idealised paper models of destruction that mimic the perfection of postcards. In Fischer’s installation, the emptiness of the objects and the title reflect on the tenuous situation of the individual whose intent is insecure; caught in between critiquing this system of reproduction and commodification while at the same time playing an active part in its construction.

Carly Fischer is a Berlin-based visual artist, originally from Melbourne. Her work spans sculpture, installation, photography and social research and seeks to question normative structures and representations that are produced and readily accepted in an increasingly globalised world. Much of her work deals with replicating elements from surrounding urban environments as paper models. This replication attempts to both mimic and mock the processes of hyper-efficiency and hyper-production, which surround her, as well as comment on contemporary expectations of perfection.

On show at Platform throughout August.