Rachael Hooper
(upper) One Landscape
(lower detail) One Ham Sandwich
Acrylic on Paper
complete set 220 cm x 90 cm
© 2009

You could take a photo (it lasts longer, so they say). Or on the other hand you could rent a cold studio, buy some paint, tape up some paper, mix the paint and brush it on. Then you could mix it again, put some water with it or some curious medium and apply it again. Wipe it off, spray some water, paint it back on, stand back, tilt your head and contemplate.
Then do it all over again
and again.
Until you get what we’ve all seen before...
A landscape and a ham sandwich.

Rachael Hooper has exhibited in artist run spaces and galleries in Melbourne and Darwin. She has been short-listed for several prizes including the Brett Whiteley Traveling Scholarship, and won the Albany Art Prize in 2008.

On show at Platform throughout August.