"My work is always about running away. Most recently, my aim has been to evoke the hidden spaces of the psychological boltholes we build for ourselves, and the escape tunnels we use to reach them. The creatures I build are inhabitants of a fabricated world; a world crafted from the in between twilight spaces, cobbled together with bits and pieces of reality. They belong to a landscape in limbo; hybrid things, a mongrel mix of Art, human, animal and vegetable. My installations are riddled with absence and longing and try to recreate the secret places where everything is strange but oddly familiar. The current works are constructed from found objects, left-over things and fabric oddments, layered and reassembled. The forms are modeled using hundreds of tiny seams/scars - almost to the extent that the scar tissue becomes the sculptural medium."

Aly Aitken recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) at RMIT. Exhibition highlights shortlisting for the Siemens Scholarship and Blindside's Debut 5, inclusion in Craft Victoria's Fresh! 2008 and The Sustainability Festival 2009. Aly also won the Entrepreneur Motivator Award, 2008.