Misster Dean and Ms Teen
Photobooth Project
Photobooth photography composite (detail)
Complete set taken 1999-2009
© 2009

Photo booths are found in bars, airports, train stations, malls, games arcades and walkways around the world. They are the everyday person’s photographic studio and a portal in which one enters to become a model, actor, documentary photographer or creative artist. In 1999 we decided to make the photo booth our public art laboratory and made a pact to take one photo booth strip every week for five years. As the weeks turned into years, we continued to enter photo booths all over the world and experimented with everything from traditional portraiture to stop motion animation; we created comic strips, puppet shows, and installation art works. We were often challenged with inconsistent lighting and poor quality developing chemicals and always restricted by the three metronomic seconds between each shot and the limited depth of field. The Photobooth Project is an interactive touring exhibition and an installation that invites the public to produce their own photo booth strip.

Misster Dean met Ms Teen at a Brisbane film school in 1993 but it wasn’t until they reunited in London in 1999 that they began working together. Their first collaboration was a queer super-8 film called Bunnygirl, which travelled international festival circuits and marked the start of The Photobooth Project. Moving to New York in 2000, the artists created another super-8 film, Mama Simmy’s Roadtrip. This cult film screened with success in queer film festivals in New York, London, Berlin and Sydney. On their return to Australia, they produced Peripheral Vision, a time-based film installation for St Kilda Film Festival and produced several more super-8 films. Misster Dean made a short film Katfite, which was selected for MUFF in 2004 and The Photobooth Project was also completed in the same year. The following year, Misster Dean & Ms Teen were invited to participate in a travelling exhibition through Europe. Currently residing in Melbourne, Misster Dean and Ms Teen continue to collaborate on queer time-based installations and short films.

On show at Majorca from 1 – 25 September 2009
Majorca Building is located on the corner Centre Place & Flinders Lane, Melbourne