Polly Dedman
The Gap
hand drawn animation still (detail)
installation with DVD, looped, colour, 35:45 minutes
© 2009

The Gap is an animated split-screen panorama, which explores imaginary landscapes both above and below ground. As part of a work in progress, these landscapes will ultimately create the backdrop to the story of an individual lost 'below' and map a journey passing through time, space, light, darkness, sound, silence and the forgotten places in between.

Polly Dedman is an illustrator and animator with a practice based in pencil drawings, printmaking and collage. Her work has been printed in local magazines, fashion journals and featured on limited edition t-shirts and various online media. Polly has participated in numerous group shows and collaborations both local (Grey Matters, CINCH, Fat Loves Art) and international (Mail Me Art, London and Greetings From…, Tokyo). Polly recently completed an animation for the community group Project Respect, highlighting human rights violations and the human trafficking industry in Australia. Her animation The Gap is a work in progress funded by the City Of Melbourne Young Artist's Grant 2009 and is scheduled for completion in early 2010.